About Us

Today, we live in a world where if you can press buttons on a computer keyboard then you are considered talented.  A world in which singers, that can't actually sing without the aid of 'engineering magic', are praised for their 'abilities' and rewarded handsomely. What a far cry from the days when blistering guitar solos ruled the airwaves. A time when true raw talent was acknowledged and appreciated. A time where guitarist took risks and dared to push the boundaries of their instrument beyond anything that it was originally created for. Shred is more than a technical/advanced style of playing, it embodies the search for a guitars inner soul. However, the art of shredding has seemed to have taken a back seat in the mainstream media in the last two decades but that's about to change. Despite what critics say, shred is NOT dead, it is rather ALIVE and well. I created Masters of Shred to provide a platform where highly skilled Shredders around the world would get the credit and recognition that they deserve and the opportunity to showcase their abilities to the world. However, not only that, we are here to inspire guitarists everywhere to be the futures Kings of Shred.


                                                                                                     - Mr. Shred