'Talking Shred' Episodes

Are you behind on all of our Shredtacular Episodes of 'Talking Shred' featuring the Biggest names in the business? No worries, you can access them all below and don't forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel via the link below:


*Talking Shred With Nita Strauss, Angel Vivaldi & Jacky Vincent:

*Talking Shred With Nuno Bettencourt:

*Talking Shred with George Lynch:

*Talking Shred with Jordan Ziff:

*Talking Shred With Satchel & Micheal Starr of Steel Panther:

 *Talking Shred With Eric Steckel:

*Talking Shred With Nita Strauss:

*Talking Shred With Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick: