Shredders Challenge 3

M.O.S's first 'Shredder's Challenge' of 2018 is brought to us by the Neoclassical Shred Machine, Mike Campese, who played with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!
We are also proud to announce our Official Sponsors of this Shredtacular event,  Roadie Tuner & Sonoma Wire Works!
Can you answer the 'Shredders Call' and match or top Mike Campese's Shred-tastic solo, 'Hollywood Shred'? Well show us! :)
The rules are simple!
Click the link below to download the Drum & Bass track used as the backing track in video above and show us what you got!
**Once you make you solo track, post it on Instagram and TAG US using the hashtag #mosshredderschallenge3  . If you do not have an Instagram then please email us your submission to
*The last day to submit your video is Monday, 3/5, 2018 @11:59PM.
*Our Top 3 Submissions will be chosen/announced on March 3/7 and uploaded to our Instagram Channel at 3PM EST.  The winner will be chosen and announced on Friday 3/9 at 12PM EST via our YouTube Channel. (and @12:30PM via Instagram)
- (1) BRAND NEW 'Roadie 2' Automatic Guitar Tuner valued at $129
-Plus you will get your pick of any one of our Shred-Approved Masters of Shred Premium Tee's or Tanks!
- (1) DrumCore 4 Prime Link Drum Loops & Drum Kit Samples of celebrity drummers, valued at $249!
- (1) -Any one of our Shred-Approved Masters of Shred Premium Tee's or Tanks!
- (1) DrumCore 4 Prime Link Drum Loops & Drum Kit Samples of celebrity drummers, valued at $249!


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Sonoma Wire Works : DrumCore 4 Prime Link

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**The 'Shredders Challenge' is open to every country so what are you waiting for? Get to Shredding! :)
-The first section is played in Am and then goes to Em.
-The last section is based in Bm.
-Mike uses a lot of passing tones.