"Super Halen" Custom 1x12 Cabinet - Batch 1

"Super Halen" Custom 1x12 Cabinet - Batch 1

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It gives us great pleasure to announce our official collaboration offering with the Nashville Cabinet King ~ The Mighty Sam Hill of Sam Hill Custom with our Limited Edition Series of hand made SUPER HALEN 1x12 guitar cabinets that pay tribute to one of the most influential bands/guitarists of all time! 

It's been stated that the tone is in the wood well how about wood that has been hand draped in old stock 1990 Van Halen comic books? Yeah, you heard right . . . its officially 5150 TIME !

Each Super Halen 1x12 cabinet is hand made in Nashville, TN and 100% unique. No two cabinet patterns are the same! Each cabinet is also hand built, signed & numbered by the Mighty Sam Hill himself.  Limited to just 50 Cabinets once these are gone, they are gone! 

It's also worth noting that this cabinet sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE. Before stumbling upon Sam Hill's cabinets were we under the impression that the best cabinets on the market belonged to brands such as Mesa Boogie, Orange and Soldano . . . boy were we wrong. Sam's cabinets have brought a whole new life to our collection of tube amps. We are hearing little nuances in our tone that were NEVER present or distinguishable before. You have to hear these cabs in person to see what we mean. Sam is truly a GENIUS! 

Each cabinet comes closed back just liked Eddies but you will have the option to add a custom draped back piece for an additional $50. 

Included with each cabinet will also be a mint condition issue of the 1990 Van Halen comic book so you can display it along with your one of a kind cabinet! 

***These cabinets are custom ~ made to order ~ and will be offered on a first come - first serve basis. We only have enough comic books for 50 1x12 cabinets. With that said the offering is broken down into 5 batches of 10 cabinets each. Batch 1 is officially open for PRE-ORDER and once we sell out all 10 spots we will then move on to Batch 2 and so forth. Each batch will go into production when (or before) the 10 cabinets for that particular batch are pre-orderd. From there customers can expect to receive their one of a kind Super Halen cabinet within 4-6 weeks. 

Cabinet Specs: 

  • Each cab is built out of high quality Baltic Birch and measures in at 18"(W) x 15.25" (H) x 9.25" (D).
  • The baffle and rear panel mount are mortised into the cab. Big tone difference!
  • Available with either open or closed back (add-on fee for both) 
  • Factory Equipped with a high quality 25 Watt - 16 ohm - 12" USA Made Warehouse Guitar Speakers "Green Beret" speaker. Just like a Celestion Greenback just BETTER! 
  • Inspired by Masters of Shred  and hand built in Nashville, TN by Sam Hill Custom, this 1x12 is designed to standout. Not only in appearance, but also by sounding far bigger than it's stature might apply.
  • Note: Soldano Head pictured will NOT be included. This is just for the cabinet. Each cabinet design will vary as all of the comic pieces are hand laid.